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Dresses As Holiday Cocktails, Shopping Sample Sales and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. You really need to quit overpacking. Here's exactly how to stop.

2. Thoughtful holiday presents for the friend who routinely cancels brunch because "I'm-so-sorry, buuuut, DryBar only has a 11:30 opening!!!"

3. Awesome holiday party outfits that you probably own. (And you didn't even know it!)

4. If festive dresses were cocktails, this is what they'd look like.

5. Ten baseball caps that will make you the coolest and best-dressed girl in the room.

6. Products to keep your skin dewy-moist and Patene-model-fy your hair in arid winter conditions.

7. How to shop packed sample sales without getting trampled, smacked with a quilted 2.55, or missing the last leather skirt in your size.