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Karl Lagerfeld
This year, we're thankful to Karl for his outspoken comments that have shocked and humored us. Of course, we must also thank him for being the creative director of Chanel, and for designing Fendi as well as his own line.
Prabal Gurung
Very few designers can attract the likes of over-the-top pop stars and iconic political figures like Prabal Gurung.
Donatella Versace
Whether stars want to show off their curves or flash a little leg, Versace's powerfully sexy dresses are always a red carpet favorite. And her personal brand of flashy-cool style is fun to watch, too.
Alber Elbaz
After designing for Yves Saint Laurent, Alber Elbaz became the head designer for Lanvin in 2001. One would assume Lanvin, being the world’s oldest couture house, would be stuffy, perhaps dated and incompatible with today’s modern designs. Yet Elbaz, oversized bow tie, black rimmed glasses and all, brought a lightness and wearability to the brand that gave Lanvin its current feminine and flirty aesthetic.
Simon Doonan
Simon Doonan, the creative ambassador-at-large at Barneys, has always been a fashion fan favorite. It doesn’t hurt that he’s married to Jonathan Adler, whose home accents inject fun and flavor into the interior design industry. We anticipate Doonan’s floral button-downs and skinny ties as much as his witty commentary and sassy poses at every fashion event.
Lynn Yaeger:
Lynn Yaeger is a regular contributor to what seems like every major fashion publication, from The New York Times to Vogue to Full Frontal Fashion and more. With her flowy frocks, bulky sweaters, flaming orange bob and cupid’s bow lips, Yaeger appears to be a doll-like anomaly. Her lovable charm combined with her vast knowledge and experience in the industry makes us think that her fashion don’t’s are actually fashion do’s.
Daphne Guinness
Daphne Guinness, a model, artist, designer muse and source of inspiration for fearless stars like Lady Gaga, is no stranger to the fashion world. As intense as her eclectic and experimental style may be, take her love of armor-like clothing for example, she manages to always have a regal elegance about her. Frankly, Guinness is one of the very few people we think could actually pull of a McQueen armadillo heel off the runway (and she has).
Leandra Medine
Leandra Medine, known as the Man Repeller, is an undeniable trendsetter. This 23-year-old NYC native owns her quirkiness and as her blog name suggests, she dresses for no one but herself. From her Dannijo jewelry collection (we are convinced she owns every piece) to her obsession with layering, Medine helped pave the way for bloggers as the new “real life” models and fashion icons.
Anna Dello Russo
If only her Thanksgiving balloon could spew out her 4,000 pairs of shoes, in typical “fashion shower” form obviously. Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, has exploded in the last couple years for her outrageous gem-encrusted and vibrant fur-accented outfits.
Chris Benz
Pink or rainbow hair, what’s next? Chris Benz always has us guessing. Previously interning for Marc Jacobs and working at J. Crew, Benz combined these contrasting styles when he launched his own collection in 2007. His designs are full of loud colors and playful patterns.