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Pat McGrath & Minnie Mouse

"You know Pat, Mickey just loves it when I get all done up."

"You have really good lashes for a mouse."

KCD Worldwide President, Ed Filipowski
"You guys, Snow White is down for the count, she ate a bad apple again. Swap in another enchanted princess for the runway."
Mickey Mouse & Nicolas Ghesquière
"You know, Nicolas, after I left the steamboat, people kept whispering and spreading rumors, but it all comes out okay in the end. I mean, look at me now."
Julien d’Ys & Cruella de Vil

"I love your hair, it tells such ze story."

"Do you have any puppies?"

Anna Dello Russo
"Some weird old lady in the woods gave me this hat...."
Minnie Mouse & Steven Miesel

"Minnie, let's try and strike a balance between Maleficent and the mice from Cinderella, after they were turned into footmen."


Bryanboy, Suzy Menkes & Lady Gaga

"OMG Mickey in Balmain."

"Simply wonderful!"

"Mother Monster is pleased."

"This is a startlingly good show from Cruela, wouldn't you say Daphne?"

"I simply have to have those 10 inch heels."

"This is something new and I love it for CR Fashion Book."

"Alice is like 10 ft. tall, lucky."

Emmaneulle Alt, Franca Sozzani, Sarah Jessica Parker & Glenda Bailey
Presumably, Emmanuelle Alt, Franca Sozzani and Glenda Bailey are raising Sarah Jessica Parker in the fashion world like the good witches from Sleeping Beauty.
Carine Roitfeld, Naomi Campbell & The Cheshire Cat

"The Cheshire Cat's look is something magnifique."

"But can he walk like I can?"

"I float."

Cathy Horyn
"Minnie's look is an artistic smash."
Juergen Teller
"Minnie! Minnie! Over here!"
Minnie Mouse & Mario Sorrenti
"One more, Signora Minnie!"
Lady Gaga
"Born this way."
Linda Evangelista & Captain Hook

"Wendy hasn't walked a show all season."

"I can't pretend to be upset about that right now, Linda."