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First Look: Repetto's Big RTW Debut

Earlier this week, we got a tiny sneak peek at Repetto's first RTW line. Today, the ballet slipper brand released four more looks on WWD, all with a similar Audrey-vacationing-in-the-Rivera sensibility.

Inspired by the clothing of dancers, the pieces not only allow for lots of movement—stretchy tops, tutu-like bottoms—but seem to encourage it. All the drapes, pleats and pin-tucks will tempt graceful and uncoordinated ladies alike to sashay down the grocery store aisle and sneak twirls in the coffee room.

The price to dress like someone who spends daily time at the barre starts at $254. (Nothing is over $534.) Not unreasonable for such timeless styles. And also, can you really put a price-tag on being asked if you are/used to be a ballerina?

The 18-piece collection is set to initially debut on the Repetto's website November 28, followed by limited availability in select stores on December 5. Click through for a sneak peek!