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Myth: Wrap dresses look good on everyone!

Debunked: Actually, they don't. Wrap dresses look great on women with narrow waists, big hips and big boobs. They rarely help to define an undefined waist. (My hip-to-waist ratio is practically zilch, and I look like a rectangle in a wrap dress.)

If you'd like to define your waist, try a belt. Or a dress that gives the illusion of a wrap dress, like this one.

Myth: Don't wear a miniskirt after the age of 30.
Debunked: If you've got great legs, wear a miniskirt. Just make sure it hits below your fingertips when your arms are at your side. No crotch shots, please.
Myth: Navy and black should never be worn together.
Debunked: This may be the silliest "rule" ever created. Black and navy look GREAT together. Every French woman knows this. You should know it, too. Yes, navy also looks good with brown. But the black and navy combo is sophisticated and cool. (And if you want to get really crazy and wear black and brown together, go for it.)
Myth: Only super-skinny tall girls look good in high-waisted pants.
Debunked: High-waisted pants can flatter anyone: It's all about the shape, and where they hit your waist. If you're thick-waisted, try a pair of blousy trousers that can be cinched. If you're small-waisted, go for high-rise denim flares worn with a shirt tucked in. Either way, just make sure your pants aren't tight. Unlike skinny, low-waisted denim, high-waisted pants should glide over your curves, not squeeze them. (Unless of course you are a super-skinny tall girl. Then you can wear 'em whatever way you want.)
Myth: Pencil skirts are universally flattering.
Debunked: Pencil skirts can show off your curves, but they can also look awkward. Every body is so different, which means every body looks good in a different style of pencil skirt. It's essential that you try a pencil skirt on in person—with a top you're likely to wear it with—to make sure it's not too long, too short, too high-waisted, or too low-waisted. Trust your instincts—if you feel like it looks balanced and sharp, it surely does.