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From the Lucky Community: Floppy Boot Fix

Today's top stories from the Lucky Community:

Do your tall boots tend to flop over in your closet? Tania smartly suggests stuffing them with rolled-up magazines to help keep their shape. We're trying this trick, like, now. [Tania Elyseu]

Don't just assume you can only create a color-blocked ensemble with shades in the same family. Here, KT proves that even unlikely bedfellows—like magenta and teal—can look great together. [KT Reed]

Bethany plays the part of a schoolboy—albeit a dressed-up, sequin-loving schoolboy—in her latest outfit post. [Bethany Diffey]

Think sneakers—as in the New Balance/Nike, non-Isabel-Marant variety—are best left to the gym? Check out this roundup of street style snapshots, all starring athletic footwear. You'll never look at the humble sneak in the same way. [Natasha Holstine]

From a Starbucks card to a Diptyque candle, Susie rounds up some extremely covetable stocking stuffer options. [Susie Gibson]

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