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From the Lucky Community: Lego Love

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Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's logo'd Lego clutches—now there's a mouthful—Cynthia rounded up some other cool style items constructed from (or at least resembling) those childhood building blocks. [Cynthia Bifani]

What to do with a party dress you're so over? Layer it under a tee and denim jacket, and presto! Instant party skirt. [MyStyleVita]

Basically, every girl should own a sequin skirt come holiday party season. [Rachel Trampel]

We've always been fans of wearing ribbons in our hair, despite friends' protests that we resemble high school cheerleaders (in a bad way) when we do so. Nice to see someone's on our team—and look how cute she is!! [Golden White Décor]

Ah, the Kenzo sweater that makes an outfit. [Caitie Schlisserman]

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