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From the Lucky Community: Shades of Regal

Today's top stories from the Lucky Community:

Was there ever a more aristocratic color combo than purple and gold? We didn't think so—and here, Bethany's giving us major Marie-Antoinette-gone-modern vibes. [Bethany Diffey]

'Tis the season for dinner parties and cocktails with friends. Make sure to stock up on those hostess gifts now! [Kelsey Nicole]

When it comes to buying a new yoga mat, you get what you pay for. Check out Devon's guide to finding the perfect grippy, sanitary, well-cushioned one. [Devon Haley]

Think florals, bows, polka dots and sparkling stones can't coexist in the same ensemble? Check out this lovely '50s-minded look. [Golden White Décor]

OK, Kellie, where can we find a husband to serve us some homemade sushi?! [Kellie Van]

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