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From the Lucky Style Collective: Coury's Striped Extravaganza

As the snow starts to fall here in NYC, we find ourselves in need of some shocking color to combat the grey, the dark and the downright blustery. Which is why we're smitten with Coury's fantastic sweater dress look. For starters, it's got just the right amount of "bold"—but not too much to make people think you're crazy. And there's no doubt that it's super comfy. We would wear it with some tights around the house with a giant cup of cocoa right now if we could. In true Coury style, she's paired it with some unique pieces—a sophisticated green cape made anew with an electric blue fur stole. Altogether it's very daring, but very Coury. And that's why we love it.

Peep the whole thing on Fancy Treehouse!