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For your brother, because the only thing he loves more than Angry Birds is old school Super Mario.
For your sister, who's been stealing your jewelry ever since wire chokers and slap bracelets.
For your favorite coworker, who always has the coolest books on her desk and would totally appreciate a visual trip down '90s lane.
For your boyfriend: a totally cozy shirt that packs a bit of Reality Bites swagger.
For your niece. (Even if she wasn't around for the original incarnation of glitter nail polish, she might still be into the 3D renaissance.)
For your best friend, because, well, duh.
For your Mom, who always says she wants something to wear over day dresses that's classic but not, like, matronly.
For your secret santa, because there are some gems on here people really should know about.
For your own wish list, cause these are are so Parisian cool girl meets My So Called Life.