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Fact: knitting nuts go crazy over anything from Wool and the Gang. Basic wrap-and-go scarves are kind of tired at this point—but we're loving this hooded version, and it's surprisingly simple to make.
Traditional wax seals make any correspondence about a million times cooler.
How many giftees does it take to grow greenery inside a lightbulb? Find out when you buy them this kit.
Regular run-of-the-mill tape as a gift? Lame. Gorgeous, lacy decorative tape as a gift? Interesting and cool.
Equal parts creepy and cuddly. We love.
Arguably the most successful DIY style blogger in the world—not to mention the lady responsible for launching the DIY blogging movement—Erica Domesek's tips and tricks are sure to appeal to any chic crafter.
Paper cutting, die-cutting, tracing, embossing and stamp alignment are a breeze with this all-in-one LED-lit crafting station—brought to you, of course, by homemaking maestro Martha.
A step-by-step, easy-to-follow cross-stitch pattern to customize your iPhone? Yeah, your store-bought case just got SERVED.
Sign someone up with For the Makers, and for $29 per month, she'll get a box stuffed with supplies for four different DIY projects. She might even make you something just to show her appreciation!
Some embroidery kits are stuffy and boring. This one, which lets you create a too-cute fox dressed in a party hat, is anything but.
Let someone you love add a personal stamp—literally—to his or her paperbacks, notecards, recipes and more with this old-timey embosser.