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GOOP does tons of fashionable collaborations nowadays, but this may be our favorite to date. Oh, and can we talk about the fact that it's monogrammed with Gwynnie's initials? You can literally wear the woman's heart on your sleeve!
You may not be able to gift someone Gwyneth's banging body for Christmas, but this is the next best thing: her tried-and-true workout routine.
Whether or not your giftee's a whiz in the kitchen, this book is an absolute must-have for obvious reasons.

Stella's impeccable jackets likely occupy a healthy portion of Gwyneth's closet—and that's one enormous closet. She's photographed in them constantly, after all.

Go ahead, put a picture of Gwynnie in there. We won't tell.
You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who could afford Gwyneth's stunning cape-backed Tom Ford Oscars gown (available in one solitary size right here, by the way)—but why not splurge on some of Tom's awesome eyewear instead?
We know what you're thinking: "Protein bars? As a gift?" But hey, GP apparently loves them. And we are so down to snack like our favorite actress.
They say you can't reinvent the wheel. But Gwyneth and her GOOP staffers sure did a great job reworking the basic white tee. Same idea.
All hail the main man in GP's life: Mr. Chris Martin.
We like to imagine Gwyneth awakens each morning with flawless, glowing skin—right before being bathed and dressed by a slew of singing cartoon deer and bluebirds, of course. But in reality, she banishes dark circles with this amazing eye cream, a product she included in her recent GOOP-themed Birchbox.
Fact: Gwyneth loves her cleanses. And while a water cleanse, which is what the cover of Clean seems to be promoting, sounds downright awful, we're guessing there's more to Dr. Junger's methods than pure H20. Don't judge a book by its cover, and all that.
Remember all those amazing, gravity-defying platform heels the Gwynster wore throughout her Iron Man press tour? Gorgeous though they were, we probably wouldn't make it more than a few blocks in those babies. These metallic lace-ups are a far smarter choice.