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The Iron Throne
Many claim stake to the Iron Throne. Now, it can be yours. For $30,000.
Giving the gift of DVDs means never having to leave your house. That my friends, is priceless—even a Lannister would agree.
Game of Thrones Soundtrack
True story: I walk around listening to this soundtrack and it makes me feel like I could fend off The Dothraki Hoard if and when they cross The Narrow Sea.
Fur Trimmed Parka
When they say "winter is coming," they're not kidding. Get right for the impending onslaught of White Walkers with this Woolrich Parka. And get some dragonglass while you're at it.
Fur Collar Coat
Parkas too casual for your giftee? Don't worry, this Burberry coat will keep them warm at even the fanciest of King Landing's parties.
Shearling Capelet
I have actually heard many a fashion editor comment on Lady Stark's furs. And I'll be honest, they're pretty good. This capelet from Skaist Taylor will have you channeling her in no time.
Altuzarra Parka
This coat sort of looks like the garb of those that dwell north of The Wall. It's got an almost snow-camo look to it and will definitely keep you warm. Trust, if you're going that far North, you'll need it. I wonder if Joseph Altuzarra is a fan of GoT?
Deer Necklace
Show your loyalty to House Baratheon with this necklace. But be weary, if you run into the Lannister forces and they spot you with it, you're going to be in serious trouble.
Dragon's Egg Necklace
What mysteries lie within this egg? Perhaps the key to reclaiming your birthright? Who knows, but, I wouldn't take it into the fire just yet if I were you. That would make for a very bad holiday.