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The ultimate Roaring Twenties party dress.
Affordable adornment.
An obvious choice for the die-hard Fitzgerald fan.
A gorgeous choice even for those not bitten by the Jazz Age bug.
Whiting & Davis has been making chainmail accessories since the late 1800s, meaning these exact bags were likely carried by '20s-era Long Islanders.
Give your toes a little visual interest while you're dancing the Charleston.
The most festive skirt we've spotted all season.
Hats can be risky territory—but for true '20s authenticity, there's nothing like a cloche.

With this on, you'd fit right in at one of Gatsby's famous bashes.

Dapper yet demure.
Pair with opaque tights now, then wear it bare-legged at next summer's Jazz Age Lawn Party.

A gorgeous wear-with-anything bauble—plus, think of all those "eyes of T.J. Eckleburg" connotations.