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The ultimate mod accent.
The crisp dots combined with the breezy high-low hem create a perfect contrast.
What a sexier-than-usual Minnie Mouse—perhaps Barneys' own version?—might wear out on the town.

Go ahead, put some dots on your digits.

Sporty gone spotty.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a designer who does the "graphic mod" thing better than Marc.

Tights, especially of the patterned variety, make for great stocking stuffers. Who wouldn't want to find stockings in their stocking, after all?
Leave it to Kate Spade New York to cover even the teensiest tech accessories in the classic, cute print.
Easy, simple and seasonless. She'll wear it nonstop.

A whopping 10 out of 10 editors polled agreed that a Comme des Garçons polka dot wallet was their cute cash-carrier of choice.*

*Statistic completely made up, but entirely plausible.

Spotted smoking slippers: so stylish! (Now try saying that five times fast.)
A perfect holiday party skirt your recipient can start wearing—and loving—right away.
Yes: it's a polka-dotted bag shaped like a polka dot. #dotception