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Gwen Stefani: The Most Perfect Celebrity Ever?

We all have those days when you just can’t get your act together. Your hair won’t cooperate, your new bronzer cracked and the jeans you planned on wearing are in the wash. Some of us have these days more than others. And then there is that select few who always look flawless. Input Gwen Stefani here.

Whether she's going to the park with her family or walking the red carpet, she always looks perfect. I'm not sure how her top knot is always effortlessly undone, or how her red pout is never worn off. But for a woman who runs a successful clothing line, leads one of the world's most famous bands and is raising TWO boys under the age of eight, she's seriously impressive.

I follow Gwen's style with a close eye, and it's hard to pick just of a few of her looks to love. But here they are, all flawlessly executed.

photos: Getty Images

Gwen wears a lot of white and black, because she sticks with what works.

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