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Gwyneth Paltrow Teams Up With Butter London for Her Latest GOOP Collaboration

Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect. I want to hate her perfection, but I can’t. Because I love her. I love GOOP. I love her cookbook. I love her movies. And I love her outfits.

Which means I also love her new collaboration with Butter London, the eco-friendly nail polish brand known for its super fashion-y—yet totally wearable—colors. Available on Goop.com for $36, the trio of polishes includes Bread & Butter Pudding (a beige-nude, perfect for school runs), Abso-bloody-lutely (a brick red, perfect for Jay Z concerts), and Hampstead Heath (a green and gold-flecked mix, perfect for being perfect).

So obviously, I’ll be buying it, hoping to be just a little bit more like Gwyneth, since she clearly can do know wrong. Her only mishap? Not rolling out this collab before Elana published the GOOP-ette gift guide.

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