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Snap Poll: Would You Wear Harem Pants?

A few years ago, harem pants briefly had a moment. It was a fleeting one—such a tricky-to-wear trend is ephemeral by nature—but it definitely happened. Cool girls paired them with gladiators, aviators and headscarves in a way that can best be described as "gypset." It wasn't long though before they were replaced by the more permanent presence of trim ankle length slacks, most fashionable people's trouser of choice right now.

But that might not be the case in the near future. At least, not if Justin Bieber, Psy (of "Gangnam Style" fame) and MC Hammer have anything to do with it.

Two nights ago at the AMAs, all three musicians opted for court jester-inspired bottoms—known at "Hammer pants" in the '90s. Which maybe, considering the whole peacocking aspect of the event and the need for dance-move-facilitating comfort, is somewhat explainable. (Also, as an long term loyalist to the look, I think Hammer gets a free pass.) Except that, earlier in the day, Bieber was spotted in an even saggier version of the same silhouette, styled in the same casual manner most guys wear jeans. (You can see images of that on BuzzFeed Shift, bottom of the page.) I really think it's becoming a thing again. But whether for men or women (or both?), I'm still not sure.

The big irony here is that during harem pants last blip on the fashion world's radar, they were considered the type of dressing-for-other-women fare no straight lady prowling for love would wear. In magazines, the dude-deterring pataloons were commonly featured in "He says, She says" articles that echoed my then-boyfriend-now-husband's exact words on the subject: "I just don't 'get' them." Now, in a stunning double-standardized turn of events, it seems that not only are they about to make a comeback, but for both genders. How do you all feel about this? Are you okay with harem pants—for yourself AND the dude in your life?

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