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Helmut Lang Taps Grey Area For Artsy Gift Ideas

With its asymmetrical sweaters and galaxy print dresses, Helmut Lang's already sorta art-y. This holiday season, though, the label's diving a little farther into the art world by teaming up with New York art gallery Grey Area. 

While Grey Area currently sells artist-designed objects that range from pretty (colored rope necklaces) to kitschy (McDonald's french fries sculptures), their new Helmut Lang capsule stays in the brand's downtown, gritty corner. The ironic non-watch bracelets and leather pouches—with art prints enclosed, of course—just seem like natural extensions of the label. So while they're being marketed in stores and online as gift ideas for the non-conformist, we think they'd make pretty great selfish purchases for the typical Helmut Lang customer, too. (Like us. How perfect would that Band Aid ring be with a pair of leather leggings and some motorcycle boots?)

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