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Holiday Gifts 2012: The Most Popular Kid's Toys

There are horror stories every year: A busy parent forgets to buy his kid the one hard-to-find thing on her holiday wish list until the very last minute. Drastic and slightly illegal measurements are taken (Walmart fistfights! Sneaking into a Toys R Us storage unit! Stealing from neighbors!) to procure the desired gift and deliver it to the tree/menorah/whatevah in time. Those who aren't hurt or arrested are massively embarrassed.

Such madness, however, could be avoided with just a little planning. If you have little ones to shop for, now's the time to get going—long before the Black Friday lines start forming and stuff sells out. Then, while everyone is stressing over where to find the newest My Little whatever-they're-calling-it-these-days and Captain thing-a-ma-jig, you'll have time to chain-eat candy canes while watching The Santa Clause.

To help with your head start, Besttoysguide.com has compiled a list of 2012's 30 most popular toys, complete with ordering information. Click through the slideshow below to preview five of them—and click here to see the whole list.

Suspend Family Game

Jenga fans will LOVE this game—it has a very similar concept. However, instead of using blocks to build something, players balance metal rods in mid air. When someone breaks the suspended structure, he or she loses.