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Holiday Gifts You Should Buy in Bulk

Shopping for holiday gifts is fun, but dealing with an ever-growing list is not. Between unexpected party invites and those befuddling "do I get this acquaintance-turned-kinda-friend a present?" conundrums, someone always gets left out! Excuses are made, drugstores are ravaged and really ugly-looking wrapping jobs occur.

Not this year, though. I'm avoiding any "uh, I left your gift in in my mother-in-law's Toyota" awkwardness by stocking up on deceivingly personalized presents. Each one is just standard enough to suit multiple recipients—without skimping on that handpicked feel.

So when I say, "This reminded me of you," the recipient will actually believe me. And those who don't won't even care, because the following seven items are that awesome. Click through to start shopping.

Let everyone else bring booze.