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How to Wear an Old Trend in a Fresh Way

I don't care how many girls in the same restaurant are wearing a peplum top—if you can find a different way to weave it into an outfit, you'll look fresh. So for that and other recent majorly trendy pieces (varsity jackets, collar necklaces), we'd suggest these updated combos. They'll send those pieces from predictable outfit territory to something double-take worthy.


The Peplum Top

Instead of making it the main focus of your outfit, let it peek out from underneath a crewneck in a sneaky cool way.

The Leather Dress

Slip a turtleneck underneath to spin it in a way that's more studious than sleek and Tomb Raider-y.


The Colored Jean

Instead of using them to brighten up neutral shirts and jackets, pair them with a top in the exact same shade for a striking monochromatic look.


The Varsity Jacket

Wedge sneakers are great, but we like these sporty jackets best when paired with a fancy pencil skirt.


The Collar Necklace

Use it to close a deep v-neck, not to top a crewneck like it's an all-in-one thing.

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