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If This Bag Were a Person: Moncrief Edition

If this bag were a person, it would be the one that got away. It is the Atlantis of bags; it is the Library of Alexandria of bags; heck, it is the Bermuda Triangle of bags. You've heard so much about it and even seen that bag in pictures, but you just can't seem to get it in your hot little hands. Everywhere you look, there are alerts of “SOLD OUT” and “404 Oops! We can’t seem to find this page” on every e-tailer that claimed to have it in stock—though that kind of makes you want it even more.

So what makes this bag so elusive? Perhaps it is because its creator is nearly unknown in the fashion world—a Google search on her name produces zero results—both the bag and designer pride themselves on staying far away from prying eyes, except on the specialest of occasions. Also, "specialest" is not a word—don't think I didn't know that. (You see, I do read books.) But back to the bag! You may set a goal to search far and wide for it, only please make sure you don't lost sight of one fact: it isn't Atlantis or the Library of Alexandria or the Bermuda Triangle. It's just a bag; merely wait until next week to discover another one that everyone seems to love—including you.

Glossed-leather detachable-case travel trolley, Moncrief, $7,150, my.luckymag.com

Sara Zucker writes about fashion at Sarazucker.com and does social media for NARS Cosmetics. Her closet is a mess.


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