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J Brand’s Velvet Maternity Leggings Are Pretty Tempting

I’ve never been pregnant, and I don’t plan on being pregnant any time soon, but there’s something seriously intriguing about maternity jeans and leggings. I have a friend who continued to wear her J Brand stretchy specials long after she birthed her second child. (And lost her baby weight.) “They’re just so comfortable!” she explained.

As someone who absolutely hates the restrictive feeling of anything around my waist—tights, belts, heck, even jeggings—the stretchy, non-Spanx-like band on maternity pants is very, very appealing.

This season, J Brand released a maternity version of their classic velvet legging. (Get 'em at Jbrandjeans.com for $209.) I kind of want to order them today to wear for the next two months. It means I could totally eat wayyy more stuffing on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and drink way more at the parties in-between those two holidays. But more importantly, I wouldn’t feel so…restricted.

Should I buy them for myself? Or should I buy them for one of my actually pregnant friends?

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