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Kate Middleton Has Bangs Now

What started as a fairly quiet news week on the internet has exploded into a blogging frenzy over Kate Middleton's new bangs—which apparently aren't really that new. Slyly scheduled when we silly Americans were preoccupied with turkey, doorbuster deals and other such nonsense, the haircut went unnoticed across the pond for a good few days.

The first reports came when images of the Duchess at rugby match in Wales on November 24 surfaced. At first glance, the photos look routine enough: Slim-fitting car coat in a cheerful color? Check. Royal husband arm-candy? Check. Glossy chestnut mane blowing in the wind? Che—wait? What! Are those layers? BANGS?

Yes, friends, they are indeed bangs. But, like all things K-Mid does, they are extremely subtle ones—the very antithesis to Zooey Deschanel's blunt fringe, or the choppy style that's become Rashida Jones' signature. In fact, if she stands just so, you can hardly tell the difference. Only when she tosses her head, nods or tucks a strand behind her ear you'll notice all the face-framing feathering.

After its big debut, Kate's bangs (Which, in the spirit of @AngiesRightLeg and @Mileys_Bun, really should have its own Twitter handle, right?), have appeared publicly two more times: at London's Natural History Musuem yesterday and this morning, at an event in Cambridge. I've included images of each occasion in the slideshow below, along with shoppable options for all her outfits. Which were all quite good—especially considering they didn't need to be. After all, everyone was just staring at her hair.

New Haircut, Old Coat

For her first fringed apperence, K-Mid wears one of her favorite LK Bennett jackets. Click through to shop this look now.

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