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Size 0

Let the flouncy skirt fill out your petite frame.

Size 2
Tutus and feathers work best on smaller shapes, so have fun with it.
Size 4
Same goes for tiers.
Size 6
The column shape works so well on a figure that's slim but not super-narrow.
Size 8
Draws the eye to the collarbone, a universally flattering focus.
Size 10
How to wear the teeny tiny cocktail dress without showing tons of skin.
Size 12
Choose peplums that are on the smaller side: they're waist-defining without adding too much volume.
Size 14
Opt for the sequin dresses that aren't bandage tight.
Size 16
Tie the belt to the side to draw the eye downward diagonally—it's a flattering little visual trick.
Size 18
How to show a bit of arm without committing to a sleeveless dress.
Size 20
Incrediby flirty, yet covered up at the same time.
Size 22
V-necklines are the most slimming. (Plus, they draw attention up towards your beautiful face.)
Size 24
Highlight your natural waist with a Hi-liter colored belt.