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Make Room for Fashion: Power in Layers

We've had some crazy weather in New York. First a hurricane, then a snow storm. Then, this weekend, there were blue skies, sunshine and 65 degree temperatures. On Wednesday, I saw people wearing snow boots. On Sunday, I saw girls in sundresses and denim jackets. So how are we to dress in these climate-changing times?

Layers, of course.

While at the park with my son enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, I watched him peel off his jacket, then his thin zip-up hoodie. He was finally content when he got down to his t-shirt and a long sleeved undershirt. That’s when I got to thinking about the art of layering.

One thing to remember: keep each layer thin to avoid looking bulky. A pretty camisole, a silky blouse or a lacy tank is a good starting point. Next, add a layer that has buttons or a zipper—such as a vest or a thin cotton cardigan—that lets the first layer peek through. The outer layer could be a cable knit cashmere blazer.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and textures, either: silky and chunky, tweed and frills, lace and denim. And remember that belts are your best friend, defining a waist that could otherwise get lost.

The best part of layering is that as the unpredictable weather changes and you peel off one layer after another (or put them back on again), you’ll look stylish at every step.

Step one: Find an adorable camisole that will peek through the other layers. Lace adds a nice texture and instant sex appeal.

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