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Make Room for Fashion: Thankful for Leather Paneled Leggings

This weekend, a friend asked me for advice on what to wear to Thanksgiving. Her family, whom she doesn’t see that often, will be there, so she wants to look good. Her kids will be running around so she wants to be comfortable, and she’ll be cooking so she wants to be practical.

Leggings with an oversized, but not frumpy sweater felt like the obvious answer offering all the Thanksgiving necessities: comfort, stretch and ease. But I wanted to give her a more glamorous answer. I wanted her to feel fabulous while cooking the turkey and doing the dishes, without losing the comfort factor. That’s when the light bulb went on: leather-paneled leggings. (It didn’t hurt that I’ve been on the lookout for a pair myself and was more than willing to research).

To complete the look, I suggested a super-chic yet comfortable sweater (a thigh-length M Missoni perhaps) and some reasonably heeled ankle boots to add lift, as well as some beautiful dangling earrings and a touch of sparkly eye shadow. She’ll be able manage the party in style, and with the elastic waist leggings and loose fitting sweater no one will notice if she pigs out.


These leggings by Horace are leather at the front, cotton at the back and have hidden zippers at the bottom inside hem so you don’t have to fight to get them on or off.

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