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Model Off-Duty Street Style, The Latest Bond Girl Fashion And More From Around the Web

New Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe says her dress for Skyfall's big casino scene was like "second skin." So much so that it took a whole team of people just to zip her into it. [Time]

Inditex, the company that owns Zara, has been opening more than one store per day....for the past few years. They're taking over the world, with Zara sitting pretty as the biggest global fashion retailer. [T]

We love Garance Doré's chatty posts as much as we love her illustrations and fashion week videos, and her latest commentary on the difference between how Americans and the French express affection is just like, so on point. (You'll LOVE it. Or like it, if you're French.)[Garance Doré]

Kristen Stewart's been visiting all the talk shows this week, not saying that much but letting her clothes make major statements. (Our favorite was the Belstaff leather jacket.) [Styleite]

For most people, "model off duty" style means a gritty, casual look: stovepipe jeans, leather jackets, slouchy t-shirts. But there are a whole host of catwalkers out there who wear much more jazzy things and deserve some attention for it. [Who What Wear]

Blake Lively's Gucci fragrance campaign is fun to look at, but so is this video revealing the intense production behind it. It sorta seems like they're filming a full-feature length movie. [Styleite]

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