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Nicholas Kirkwood Designed Angel-Worthy Shoes For the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Lingerie with a side dish of (feathered, sparkly, can't-eat-with-BBQ-sauce) wings is what most people remember from the Victoria's Secret fashion show. But the night isn't just about spectacularly decorated boobs and butts. The Angels' well-pedicured feet get some great gear, too.

This year, Candice, Miranda and the rest of the crew stomped down the runway in custom made shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. Like the outfits they accompanied, the styles range from sex kitten Bardot-ness flirty to a Scary Spice-ish brand of bad-ass girl power.

Since each design is one-of-a-kind, you might be tempted to raid the VS models' closet to snag a couple pairs for yourself—but we'd highly advise against it. Beyond the whole illegal factor, those girls have been religiously working out day and night and are in peak physical condition. Don't underestimate what they might do if you try to steal their stilettos.

Instead, enjoy some law-abiding footwear fun by clicking through the slideshow below—we've included the entire collection for your viewing pleasure.