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Proenza Schouler's 'Desert Tide' Video Has Model Avatars and Purple Dolphins

After comparing the very similar "Sea Punk" imagery in Azealia Banks' Atlantis video and a recent SNL performance of Rihanna's, we noticed that Proenza Schouler's just-released "Desert Tide" short is also centered around trippy digital animation. The mini film reflects the brand's internet-inspired Spring 2013 collection by featuring three Proenza-girl avatars (statuesque brunettes with bedhead and booties) partaking in what seems to be a ritualistic dance against a web art background, complete with a purple sky and matching dolphins.

Seeing as this is the third time we've noticed intentionally amateur looking graphics in less than a week, we'd hazard to say it's officially a trend—will you participate? Check out the following clip and let us know in the comments below.

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