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Recreating Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles, Plus Size Peplums and Other Things We're Talking About this Week

1. All the tricks and products you need to re-create Audrey Heburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's updo, soft curls a la Marilyn and other iconic celeb hairstyles.

2. The word wizards behind the "Fuck Yeah Menswear" blog write a long and epic poem about Modi Operandi's Taylor Tomasi Hill.

3. Holiday shopping for a kale juice slinging Gwyneth Paltrow fan-girl? Or a Duchess of Cambridge die-hard? Here's gift guides for both GOOP-ettes and K-Mid-heads.

4. Turns out that people who trim pot plants actually have really good style. Read more about it here.

5. How to buy what you need on Black Friday without getting trampled or into any fistfights.

6. Eight under $500 engagement rings that save money for the wedding without skimping on style.

7. Our resident plus size shopping expert, Margie Ashcroft, shares her favorite leather jackets and peplum pieces.