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Rihanna and Azealia Banks Share a Love of Oversized Jackets, Combat Boots and Trippy Digital Graphics

If you caught last weekend's Anne Hathaway-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, you likely saw Rihanna's buzzed-about "Diamonds" performance. Wearing little more than a baggy camouflage coat and Timberland boots, RiRi belted out her hit single in front a green screen filled with psychedelic digital imagery, including spinning continents, dolphins and palm trees.

But wait—it gets weirder. Yesterday, Azealia Banks released her new video for "Atlantis," and it's packed with those same trippy graphics. Throughout the song, she dances against an ever-changing backdrop of crashing waves, marble columns and, yes, dolphins. And while she wears a number of outfits in the under-the-sea-themed clip—most from ASOS, since she's the retailer's Christmas campaign face—we couldn't help noticing the oversized printed jacket and work boots she appears in most frequently. Connect the dots as you see fit.

"Seapunk" imagery, as it's called, has been championed by artists like M.I.A. in the past—but with two more major-name musicians using it in their work recently, will we be seeing more of the dizzying visual genre in the near future? Also, Timberland boots? Check out both clips below and let us know what you think.

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