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Sasha Obama and Me: Twinsies!?

At 30-years-old, I admittedly dress like a school girl. I prefer loafers to pumps, plaid to leopard, and will always make room in my budget for a new toggle coat. So I have to admit I wasn't shocked when 11-year-old Sasha Obama came strolling down the White House driveway on Thanksgiving Day in my Aztec print dress from ASOS.

The style is out of stock now—I bought it last fall—but I still wear it pretty frequently. So frequently, in fact, that several of my office mates texted me when images of the First Daughter surfaced.

Unlike Sasha, who went for polka dot tights and red mary janes to complete her look, I tend to wear it over a black turtleneck, thick black tights and my black Church's brogues.

So maybe my style is a tad more conservative—which obviously, you know, makes it more adult—but what it comes to is this: juvenile clothes never grow old to me.

What do you guys think? Am I getting too "senior" for my pleated skirts? Or, to paraphrase one of my favorite people on Twitter, is style ageless?

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