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Shoptiques.com Lets You Shop Parisian Boutiques

One way to dress like a French girl is to buy the things so many of them love to wear. (Or at least what we saw the locals wearing on sidewalks and in coffee shops during Paris Fashion Week: grey jeans, oversize blazers, ankle boots). But another way to sample French women's inimitable style is to shop from the same stores they do, nailing that Parisian aesthetic organically rather than copying their most popular looks after the fact.

Thanks to Shoptiques.com, you can now do that while watching Homeland and eating mac and cheese on your very American couch. Today the site—which previously offered goods from teeny boutiques in cities like Miami, New York and L.A.—expanded internationally, adding Parisian stores as its first European venture (naturally).

With just $15 for international shipping—or free for orders over $100—it's easier than ever to shop the different rues and arrondissements without taking a trip overseas or paying a suitcase full of cash on shipping. Below, we've rounded up our favorite ways to add a little French-girl style into your American wardrobe. (We still love you, Carven and A.P.C...but knowing each of these items comes from a little Parisian boutique is pretty cool, non?)

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