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Simon Doonan’s Number One Tip for Planning Holiday Party Outfits

When the entire room is staring at Sarah Jessica Parker in custom lace Mickey Mouse ears, it's hard to get noticed. But Simon Doonan did just that last night at Barneys' Electric Holiday celebration, thrown in honor of the luxury department store's collaboration with Disney.

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Dressed in a Margiela fur coat and ruffle-front button-up, he was looking pretty festive—and feeling it, too.

"It’s important to look ridiculous. Don’t hold back," was his advice on what to wear to your next party. "The holidays are not a time for subtlety. That’s why I threw on ruffles and a fur coat—it’s a little Vegas, a little Hollywood, a little Disney. You’ve gotta go over the top."

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A ginormous bow is never more appropriate than during the holidays.

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