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Stylist Simone Harouche on Post-Baby Dressing

Anyone looking to chicify maternity wear can glean cues from stylish stars like Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, and Reese Witherspoon. But, what about post-partum dressing, when your body is in flux and your pregnancy clothes are too big and you can’t quite fit into your old wardrobe? Hollywood stylist and new mom Simone Harouche, whose clients include Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera, has this tricky transition time nailed, using closet staples you already own. No tweener clothing necessary! Here, she shares what you can expect style-wise, as soon as you’re done expecting.

Lucky: What are the easiest styles to transition from maternity to post-baby?
Simone Harouche: Longer tunics that can be worn over leggings, vintage Indian-print loose fitting dresses that can be belted under the belly or short flowy dresses with tights and boots. To make me feel more fashionable, I like to pair these dresses with an additional layer, such as a denim vest or my black leather motorcycle jacket. This extra layer also helps to camouflage the extra curves I have right now.

What maternity items are you not ready to give up?
Wolford’s Individual Nature Forming dress is an under slip and it is magic: it holds everything in and contours with your rebounding body. Great for wearing underneath dresses. I also love this Ingrid & Isabel Athena maxi dress and a billowy made-for-layering lightweight sweater to layer over things. I have one from Rick Owens sweater that I have been living in. It just covers up bits you don’t necessarily want people seeing right now!

What’s your best secret style weapon right now?
Accessories! Because most jewelry (save a ring or two) still fits. I'll pile on long necklaces to detract from my larger-than-usual waistline and mix rings and bracelets just to make things interesting and fun.

What do you plan to use as a diaper bag?
I make an amazing vintage fabric diaper bag for my bag line Simone Camille, so that will definitely be in heavy rotation, but I am also developing a really great leather cross body leather diaper bag, that will be sold for Spring 2013. Definitely gotta’ get my hands on a sample pronto!

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