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The Cutest Aprons Ever

With the season of oinkitude and holiday entertaining upon us, let us give thanks for the bounty of the earth and the awesomeness of the APRON which no serious cook (or person who wants to look cute in the kitchen or arranging the cheese plate) should be without. Why keep reaching for that dishrag when you can simply wipe your hands on what you're wearing? Where is that spoon? The thermometer? Oh, right here, in my apron pocket! Once you try one, you will never cook without. Here, choices to suit every cook and wannabe.

Elegant, minimal, understated.

I don't know if Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame wears an apron, but I can totally see her in one of these, conveniently made in San Francisco, so as to not interfere with her locavoritude.

As for the rest of us, who could resist the refined, heritage-y linen-cotton blend, clean lines, and infinitely adjustable cotton twill straps? They're designed with input from chefs and food stylists who wear aprons all day long, and specially crafted to sit on one's shoulders and cross in the back, so as to not strain one's neck as one labors over one's radicchio and dandelion salad with anchovy, walnuts, and pecorino. Or possibly just some spaghetti.

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