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The Hour, Part 1: Shop the Show

Watch your back, Mad Men. BBC America's series The Hour is nipping at your stylish shoes. Instead of an ad agency, the backdrop for the show's serious-meets-soapy drama is a 1957 London TV newsroom. While journalists aren't traditionally the most stylish species, well not news journalists anyway, the show revels in the period's key pieces which can't help but look chic—even on reporters and producers tirelessly pounding the pavement for scoops.

As Hector Madden, Dominic West (formerly of The Wire) cuts a suave figure in slim-fit suits. The era's clingy dresses and twin sets complement actress Romola Garai's (Bel Rowley) womanly curves. Oona Chaplin (Marnie Madden) definitely one-ups Mad Men's Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) in her matchy-matchy tailored skirt suits. And then there are the cast members who frequent the late night Soho scene: women in silk cocktail dresses and sparkly brooches, and men who actually dress in ties to go out clubbing. Even the call girls never look cheap.

So, period-piece and vintage clothing lovers, The Hour is the show for you, at least until Mad Men or Downton Abbey return. We shopped out The Hour's premiere below so that you can get the look without, you know, looking like you're in costume. And watch this space: next week we'll shop out the second episode.

Catch The Hour on BBC America on Wednesdays 9/8 central.

White Glamour

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