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My Favorite Cat Eye Tutorials On The Web

At a very young age, I began sneaking into my mom’s makeup drawer and playing with every lipstick, blush and eye shadow I could get my hands on. But the older I get, the less makeup I wear. When I wake up in the morning, my routine consists of tinted moisturizer, bronzer, blush, mascara and eyeliner. 

But that doesn't mean I don't occasionally like to have a little fun.

For instance, I love copying Lauren Conrad's super-subtle, way-pretty cat eye, which she's worn at a ton of red carpet appearances. Yeah, it's hard to master, and liquid eyeliner can be a real pain. But I made it work by watching a bunch of makeup video tutorials on the web. Below are my favorites—including one from Lauren herself. They've allowed me to get that much closer to cat eye perfection!

Courtesy of www.thebeautydepartment.com

Courtesy of www.refinery29.com

Courtesy of www.lisaeldridge.com

PS: Stila makes the best liquid eyeliner for a cat eye. It's shaped like a pen and so easy to use!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $20, www.sephora.com

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