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Matching lipstick makes a really good accessory.
She's partially to blame for the varsity jacket craze.
Strapless dresses look cooler with ankle boots instead of strappy stilettos.
Leather jackets: never not a good idea.
We love the boxy, oversize clutch pairing.
That dress is a little bit Carrie Bradshaw and little bit Betsey Johnson, and it'd be so much fun for dancing in.
It's a lesson in wearing printed t-shirts without looking sloppy.
Many have tried, but few can pull off the female tuxedo. We think Alexa's one of them.
Chain-strap bags pair so nicely with classic black-and-white outfits.
There's a good reason that bright red's one of her go-to colors.
She's probably smiling at a picture of herself in that gorgeous, lacy Chanel top.
Sometimes your necklace and your eyeliner are just so good you don't need pants. It happens.
Layering a white blouse underneath makes her dress feel sorta collegiate and fall-like.
Headphones go with everything, obviously.
I blame her for making me think I could pull off printed jeans.
Once again with the t-shirt layering, once again a success.
Classic, easy, perfect Chanel.
A cape like this means you don't even have to worry about your outfit underneath: you already look awesome.
On her, the peekaboo neckline's sorta flirty, but in a pretty, subtle way.
The shoes keep it from looking too feminine and floaty.
She even took the layering look to the Met Ball, and it totally worked.
I think it's the headband that really nails it here.
This is just all kinds of amazing.
She always has the best shoe pairings: subtle, but clearly thought-out.
Sorta '70s and sorta baroque, but also really versatile: that coat's amazing.
Like Gwyneth, she's one of the few women who actually looks polished in evening shorts.
And this is what sparked my scouring Maje and Rag & Bone for cropped, tweed-y jackets.
It's a sneaky way to stand out in a sea of neon cocktail dresses and giant princess gowns.