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We Got Our Astrological Signs Read With ASHA and Our Favorite Bloggers

Last night, with some of my favorite fellow fashion bloggers Elizabeth, Alicia, Nicolette, Rachel, and Sara (favorite people in existence, basically, because they rule) were invited to an intimate cocktail-filled meet-up at The Wren in NYC to meet Ashley Dodgen-McCormick, also known as the creator of fine jewelry brand ASHA by ADM. In addition to being introduced to her gorgeous jewelry, all attendees had their astrological charts read by Lucky's in-house astrologer, Aurora Tower. Which made perfect sense, as Dodgen-McCormick's pieces focus primarily on zodiac signs. Along with her usual bling, if you're looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, ASHA by ADM now gives shoppers the ability to create their own piece via the new "Custom Shop."

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