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Style Evolution: White T-Shirts Through the Ages

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.

The white tee: I can’t imagine life without it. As a child, a white tee was easy and went with everything. Now, as an adult woman, a white tee and jeans remains one of the most sexy outfits I wear. It’s hard to imagine that before I was born, women only wore white T-shirts to bed or maybe after being stolen from their husband or brother’s closet, to work in the garden. Nowadays it's a classic, chic item worn by everyone from hip hop stars to the departed Princess Diana.

In honor of my favorite basic top, I've collected pictures of celebrities and style icons wearing it—such as Jane Birkin, to the left—along with fun facts about its rise in pop culture. Visit Thebudgetfashionista.com for my full history on plain white tees now.