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Winklevii Invest $750,000 in Shopping Site, the Invisibility Cloak Is Happening and More From Around the Web

With their $65 million Facebook settlement, the Winklevoss twins just invested $750,000 in another internet start-up, Hukkster. Cameron Winklevoss particularly loved the shopping deal-finder for saving him 15 percent on a pair of shoes—Topsiders, predictably. [New York Times]

Shop Theory x Uniqlo's T Down collaboration two days before those puffer jackets and vests hits stores. [Racked]

We love Alexa Chung's red carpet and paparazzi-ready style, but her vacation outfits are just as good, too. (We've been stalking them via this  Instagram feed.) [Grazia Daily]

Scientists at Duke University made big leaps for Muggle-kind with a new development in their invisibility cloak project. Right now it'll onlyl make you invisible on one side, but I'd still trade half my wardrobe for something that cool. [Salon]

Thanks to Bumble and Bumble's resident hair wizard, Roz Murray, and a pot of their Semisumo pomade, the Man Repeller figured out how to tame people-repellent hair. [Man Repeller]

Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz dress sold for $480,000 at auction, a sum that could buy a town's worth of yellow brick roads. Or a whole lot of red glitter Louboutins. [Hollywood Reporter]

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