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My love for Essie nail polish borderlines on obsession. Each collection is better than the last.
Zoya makes the best shimmery colors.
You don't have to be a September baby to sparkle in sapphire.

You must be holding a flute of champagne whenever you wear this polish.

We're still not over the Nars Andy Warhol collection.
Jewel tones are big this winter.
This glittery color reminds me of an icy winter sky. Maybe that's why it's called Angel Eyes.
During the holidays glitter is considered a neutral.
For the many oxblood trend fanatics out there.
A quintessential winter color.
You know how I feel about iridescent polish (obsessed!).
A perfect dusty rose.
Wear it over black.
Bauble Bar teamed up with Essie this season to create accessories to match your mani. Shop them here!
Part of MAC's retro Glamour Daze collection. You're gonna want the makeup palettes, too.
Gobsmacked is British slang meaning 'astonished.' Well, I'm totally gobsmacked by the amazing-ness of this polish.
If you're already listening to Christmas music, this is for you.
If beloved Essie shades Turks and Caicos and Mint Candy Apple had a baby, it would be this color.

This deep aubergine is both sophisticated and playful.

A non-boring neutral.

A dramatic shade at an undramatic price.