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Yoko Ono for Opening Ceremony, Best Airports to Shop In And More From Around the Web

Yoko Ono is designing a limited edition line for Opening Ceremony. It's men's, but given its storyline—a series of sketches Ono drew for John Lennon for their wedding in 1969—we're intrigued. [WWD]

Zooey Deschanel shared her holiday nail art opinions with Jimmy Fallon: yes to partridges in a pear tree, no to maids-a-milking. [Styleite]

H&M's upcoming luxury line, & Other Stories, promises to include some really, really good shoes, but you'll have to wait until the end of their new teaser video to see them. (Or just scroll there.) [Vogue UK]

This list 10 best airports to shop in might surprise you. (Seattle has a Butter London nail salon—who knew?) [Fashionista]

Uncomfortable Louboutins? Don't worry, there's surgery to fix that: just remove your pinky toe and those shoes will be way easier to wear. Everyone's doing it. [Fox News]

This diamond-laced $500 spray tan has Mariah Carey's name all over it. Or Kelly Osbourne, since she wore that $250,000 diamond-infused nail polish to the Emmys. [Daily Mail]

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