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Nothing says "accent nail" quite like the word 'POW!'. East London nail salon, WAH Nails, is known for their colorful nail art. Thanks to these nail wraps, those of us across the pond can now enjoy their creations too.
Caviar manis look amazing, but you'll be leaving a trail of mini balls everywhere you go. For less of a mess, stick to one nail on each hand.
For those who are more artisically inclined, these tools will turn you into a nail art pro in no time.
Magnetic polish is a subtle way to spice up a manicure.
Subtlety not your thing? Then try these kaleidoscope-printed nail wraps.
Creating a half moon manicure is easy! All you need are reinforcement stickers (you probably have a million of them left over from your high school days). Head over to The Beauty Department for instructions.
The fine line brush on these pens make it hard to screw up.
Just put a dab of top coat on your nail and stick on the cuteness of choice.
This set, by nail artist Madeline Poole, includes a striping brush and accent glitter in addition to really pretty polishes.
These stars would look so cool over black.
Paint the glitter on both ring fingers, and the green on the rest.
Trying to paint thin, straight lines on my nails always ends in disaster. These strips are foolproof.