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Silk Tops
Brand-new silk shirts are fantastic—except when the cost eats up your entire month’s clothing budget. Vintage silk tops that are still in good condition can be hard to find in thrift stores, but did you know there are tons on Etsy? Yep. Brown Bag Vintage has great pieces, and—bonus—the owner actually works for Etsy, so you know you can trust the quality.
Leather Backpacks
I buy almost all of my leather bags on Etsy—they are perfectly broken-in and come at a much better price! Leather backpacks are so cute, especially those made by Coach back in the day.
Fur Collar Coats
Unlike most things I buy today, vintage coats are made to last, and they're so well-tailored. The only thing to worry about is moth holes. Most sellers give very detailed descriptions about the garment (read carefully); if not, send them a message and get all the info before you shell out your cash.
Leather Skirts
Leather, like denim, is super-durable and only gets better with age. Also, since it was so popular in the ’80s, there are plenty of great vintage leather skirts to choose from on Etsy. Go nuts.