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Get Up-and-Coming Singer Kate Earl's Flirty Style

You love Björk's strangely electrifying songs, and you have a soft spot for Norah Jones' delicate and calming tone. Ever thought of what their distinct voices would sound like combined? We have your answer: Kate Earl. The 31-year-old artist is an Alaskan-gone-LA singer and guitarist who dreamed of making it big in between music lessons and pumping gas at her parents' gas station. Finally moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Earl soon got a record deal with The Record Collection (The Walkmen, Hot Hot Heat).

Earl backs up her eclectic sound and catchy lyrics with an incredibly unique and mesmerizing look. (She's of Filipino, Dutch and Welsh descent.)  In honor of Earl’s third just-released studio-album Stronger, Lucky chatted with Earl about her "sensualist" style.

You can never go wrong wearing...

"A leather jacket."