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Parker Posey: The Original Indie It Girl

I've been watching Parker Posey on screen since at least 1993's Dazed and Confused, when she looked like this. I'm not sure who she equates with today. Maybe someone like Olivia Thirlby, who keeps it pretty indie though she could definitely go more mainsteam if she felt like it. Some of Posey's more memorable films, for those of you playing catch up, are Party Girl (after being arrested for illegally charging rave-goers her super stylish character—hello leopard print coat and red gloves—becomes a librarian), Kicking and Screaming (not the WIll Ferrell movie, thank you, but Noah Baumbach's 1995 film about a bunch of quirky college grads) and, of course, the mockmumentaries Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. In her younger days, she was sort of Winona Ryder-cool, though a little more NY theater world and less Hollywood. She was known to push the fashion envelope, too,  and was an early devotee of Marc Jacobs, though she never really seemed to care if she got any credit for it.

Anyway, I'm happy to say that with her latest project, the offbeat workplace comedy Price Check, Posey stays true to her indie roots. As Susan, an overly enthusiatic boss of a struggling supermarket chain, she is believeable yet jaw-droppingly tone deaf. And she has a nice wardrobe too (see the trailer here).

You can watch Price Check in theaters in select cities now, or on VOD, iTunes, Sundance Now, XBOX, Playstation, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.

Photo: Montrose